St. Bartholomew’s Kirby Muxloe
Where is it that you are looking for peace at the moment? Peace in your daily schedule, or between people where there has been tension, or peace in the workplace or in the political sphere? We can pray for situations beyond our ability to influence – and where peace is lacking in your own life, maybe there are some steps you can take to recover it. We look to mingle notes of peace and of celebration in many of our Christmas services and we look forward to welcoming you to any and all of these – at the same time, if it is space that you need, remember that we have a small, quiet Wednesday morning Communion service at 9.30 in the morning for about 40 minutes. You are very welcome to come along, even if you aren’t in the habit of receiving the bread and the wine. Then note that we simply open the church doors during daylight hours regularly on Saturdays. There’s no agenda, and while people do drop in and out, you will probably find you are quite by yourself for much of the time. It’s a quiet space to pause, to gather your thoughts, to reach out to God and to rediscover peace – at a hectic time of the year! However you manage it, may the peace of the Christ-child be with you and yours this Christmas! Tom
I wonder what words describe your December? I imagine not many would opt for ‘tranquil’ or ‘restful’ – although for some living in quiet retirement this may be true. With additional matters to attend to, on top of our usual run of activities, the build up to Christmas for many would lead to words like ‘busy’, ‘tiring’ even ‘draining’ or ‘tense’ and ‘fraught’. Some of this we don’t mind. It’s good to be active and to prepare gifts or hospitality for people special to us. It’s good also for the church family to be preparing to celebrate the birth of Jesus in special services, and with schools and other community groups. At the same time, I wonder what steps we can take to ensure there is room for calm and for reflection in the midst of all the activity? The background ‘noise’ can make it hard to hear the still, small voice of God speaking words of encouragement and hope into our lives. A theme we are exploring in the Christmas window decorations and out into our services is that of peace at Christmas. Isaiah promised the coming of one who would be the ‘Prince of Peace’. The angelic host proclaimed to the shepherds, ‘Glory to God and on earth peace among those he favours’. And we pick up the theme in many of the carols we sing: ‘Peace on earth and mercy mild – God and sinners reconciled’