St. Bartholomew’s Kirby Muxloe
Qualifying connections include such as the grandparents of one of the couple having married at the church, or parents having lived in the parish for 6 months in your lifetime … Here at St Bartholomew’s we love to conduct the wedding ceremony for couples – and we believe it gives a much richer tone to the celebration than a civil wedding. We also think that it’s amazing value. The church ceremony can cost as little as £474. That makes it one of the cheapest elements in a wedding budget plan… the average cost of a wedding in 2017 was £15,000! So please spread the word, and let’s get more wedding invitations out there … the church is ready, and looking lovely, the weather is – well, I suppose it can’t be guaranteed … but as I sometimes tell the bride, when I was working in Kenya, the local word for rain was the same word they used for blessing! I was once preaching in the open air and a large storm was coming up behind us. I was seen to glance over my shoulder and my translator asked me, ‘You’re not afraid of the blessing are you?!’ Rain or shine, we look forward to welcoming couples into St Bart’s this summer and in the future – and to sending them on into married life in the strength of him who turned water into wine!   Tom
Wedding Invitation We’re in that in-between phase of life where we seldom get invited to weddings, so it’s a lovely thing this summer to be invited to the wedding of the daughter of friends we made when we first arrived in Leicestershire in 1996. The bride in question was just three years old at the time – and fast friends with my daughter. With the memories of the recent royal wedding still fresh in our minds, it’s worth recalling that a church wedding is open to most couples choosing to get married. The idea has grown up in some circles that you have to be an attender at church, or that you have to have been baptised / christened. Good as these things are they are not a requirement for a church wedding. Although same-sex marriages cannot take place in church, anyone who can demonstrate a ‘qualifying connection’ to a particular church and who has not had a previous marriage actually has a legal right to book that church for their wedding. Where there has been a previous marriage from one or both parties then the marriage is at the discretion of the minister, who in this diocese uses a series of questions provided by the Bishop to make a decision with the couple.