St. Bartholomew’s Kirby Muxloe Church
Hearing the Christmas story again, we set it against the anxieties that afflict us. Will we manage a good Brexit? Will the NHS survive? Will my family flourish? In all the challenges we may face, we need a source of HOPE. HOPE is a theme we will be reflecting on during 2018, along with Christians around the country. We HOPE that as we do, many will realise that HOPE is most robust in our hearts when we feel we can trust and fully rely on the PROMISE. The Christmas promise comes from Heaven – and we can surely trust it. I HOPE your Happy Christmas is built on the confidence that whatever your circumstances, God is there close by – and the Christmas Story, the story of God deeply involved in the world, encourages you that He can be involved in your world too! Thank you for all your support! Tom
Dear Everyone, I HOPE every one of you has a very Happy Christmas! It’s a nice sentiment and of course genuinely meant – although we also all know that in our mixed up and complex world some people always find Christmas a challenging time. I suppose it depends on what makes a truly Happy Christmas. A TV ad running this month from a well-known electrical retailer makes it plain that in their view a happy Christmas has nothing to do with traditional family values and carols but everything to do with plenty of the latest hi-tech equipment wrapped up under the tree. Of course, it’s nice to celebrate and if funds allow, it’s nice to do so with a bit of extravagance. But splashing out isn’t essential to a happy Christmas and neither does it guarantee one! Christmas fundamentally is a story of HOPE – HOPE in a child heralded by angels and worshipped in the manger. It was in HOPE that the Magi travelled those long miles bearing gifts and in HOPE that the shepherds left their sheep ‘on the lonely mountain steep’.