St. Bartholomew’s Kirby Muxloe Church
Worship, prayer and service are three core characteristics you would expect to see being developed in the Christian disciple. Heading on into 2018, I’d like to pay particular attention to the first of these – so you may find I come back to this theme in subsequent letters! How do we grow in worship? What indeed is Christian worship? What notes are present in subsidiary words like adoration, praise, thanksgiving? What is the place of silence or music or liturgy or scripture in worship? What of the balance between contemporary and traditional worship? Worship together and worship alone, worship in church and worship on a hillside? So, as a fellow Christian, ask yourself the same question about your identity as a worshipper of God – What does worship look like for you? Where, when and how is it best expressed in your experience and how would you like to grow in your experience of worship in the gift of this year of your life? Tom
March 2018
Dear everyone - What makes anyone a Christian? What makes our family – or any other church family, distinctive from other group of people who may be equally close, supportive and like-minded? One could answer in terms of faith: “As a Christian, I believe Jesus Christ is the crucified and risen Lord who through his death forgives my sin and through his resurrection assures my salvation.” Or we could look at the practical markers that shape our living. “Christians worship God revealed in Jesus Christ and aim to follow His example of prayer and generous love.” Of course, these are all correct as far as they go – and you may add more elements not mentioned here. However, I find I’m interested in those third definitions that mark us out as distinctive by our behaviour. As Christians, we worship God revealed in Jesus Christ. As Christians, we draw spiritual strength as we pray through Jesus Christ and as Christians we aim to be true followers of the example of Jesus Christ.