Welcome St. Bartholomew’s Kirby Muxloe
Goodbye Christmas 2023 is going to be an emotional time for me as I finish my time in Kirby Muxloe on that day after 8 ½ years here. I have been very grateful for the support and encouragement I have received from many of you, enabling me to grow in my ministry over the eight years and to become the minister I have now become. However one of the things I have yet to find in my new benefice is a replacement coffee shop instead of the Royal Oak. I finish in the benefice on December 25th, and Jill and I will move into our new house on January 12th. After thirty six years in the same house, packing is a challenge, but as our son is continuing in the house here, we have decided that we will leave furniture and kitchen goods for him and treat ourselves to new when we arrive in the new house. So, where am I going to? I will be licensed as Priest in Charge of the benefice of South Wight in the Archdeaconry of the Isle of Wight.  We are the most southerly benefice on the island, with not only beach, cliffs, palm trees and a lighthouse, but some great local pubs. I have four churches, Niton – where the rectory is, Chale, Whitwell and St. Lawrence. One of the churches, which I am advised by its warden, is worth visiting because it has some famous stained glass designed by Charles Kempe. Apparently it is considered good to have one or two windows by him, we are blessed to have five! At St. Lawrence we have a lovely peace garden that has a garden bench that overlooks the sea, and we also have a carillon for the bells. Should you be visiting the island, do feel free to get in touch and join Jill and I for a cuppa. Thank you for all you have taught me, and God bless Rob